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CheckmarkRapid response and immediate supply from our network
CheckmarkHigh quality professionals due to extensive screening
CheckmarkEngaged involvement in your project from start to finish

Rapid response and immediate delivery of high-quality professionals is our strength. How do we achieve this? With our strong, international network, we have a large pool of hardworking top professionals at our disposal. We guarantee the quality of our temporary workers due to our thorough screening. And just like our people, we are involved in your project from start to finish. Anything for the perfect result.




European network

With our own offices, local recruiters and our staff we are located in real shipbuilding countries like Romania and Lithuania. Because our lines of communication are short – both with you and with the temporary workers – we can respond very rapidly. This is how it works: we start working on your request straight away. We know immediately which professionals from our international network we can deploy on your project. We share this information with you and then our temporary workers come to your project when you need them. Is it really that simple? Yes. Veritec has the right connections. Trust us and we’ll make it happen.



Commitment and quality

We believe in reliability and quality. That’s why we always give honest advice and regularly check progress, asking you if you’re satisfied. We work – both in the office and on site – with committed professionals who give their all and don’t stop until the work is done. We make the same commitment to our temporary workers. We provide good tools, decent housing, working conditions in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement and we have all the necessary certifications. With these attributes – dedication and quality – we invest in long-term partnerships.

Superior craftsmanship

Our passion for luxury yacht and shipbuilding means we understand the importance of high-quality craftsmanship. That is why we subject every applicant to a thorough screening. We test technical skills and fluency in English so we can be sure that communication runs smoothly and that a job is carried out professionally. Are you looking for a specific skill, or a complete team? We will find the professionals to ensure the success of your project.


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